Featured Poet!

Hello there readers!


Yesterday was a big day. My poems got published – again!!
The name of the journal is Ashvamegh – An International Journal of English Literature. The icing on the cake? I am one of the two Featured Poets for this issue!
The poems this time are especially close to my heart.

For those of you who find the time to read, thank you. I really hope you like them too.

The first poem- An Endless Search, is very special to me. It is my first experiment in writing a poetry on war and it’s consequences on people, refugees perhaps.

The poems titled “The eternal sky” and “my little joys” are an effort to write something lighter, happier. Something that is poignant yet thought provoking. 
Something even a non – poetry love can relate to.

Feel free to drop a comment/criticism/question.  I would love it!

Here’s a link to the post –

Sneha Pathak: Featured Poet March 2016

I hope you enjoy reading them.


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