Nothing Changed.

“I had always imagined how it would be when you were gone. Not imagined but dreaded. ” she wrote.
“You see, I could never get myself to actually think of my world as a place where you don’t exist. It was simply impossible to conceive of such a scenario. 
However my heart always thought if this does happen, the world might halt. The wind won’t blow, the sun won’t shine, the faces on the street won’t smile, the girl in the mirror will become a stranger, someone who’s lost.
However now that you’re gone and the world is exactly how it was, just a little empty maybe, but only in my head,  it feels odd.
Like the anticipation of this big explosion of emotions, of anticipating a big dark moment, with a sense of finality and doom, and getting this quietness all around you instead. 
Like expecting this big wave to hit you in the face and suck your breath but instead you get this small wave lapping at your feet, pushing you behind a little, as the sand slowly slips away beneath your feet. But you know you’ll be fine once you step back.”



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