Understand and Rescue.

“That is the thing about us, we are way too alike, you and I” she whispered. 

“Each of us wanting to be understood,  wanting someone to try and make sense of this beautiful, crazy, mess in our heads. To understand what makes us who we are.”

“Which is what makes us so perfect for each other” he exclaimed.

“But we also want to be rescued.” She reasoned.
” Rescued from this madness that engulfs our minds. This darkness that makes us feel powerful but alone.
Someone to make us see again how beautiful it is to step into the light.  To make us not feel so alone. So different.
Ironically, people who can understand what we are made of, are the ones that need rescuing too. ”

“So what do we want? To be rescued or to be understood?” He asked puzzled.

“I wish I knew” she sighed.


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