Forward and Backward

Imagine that you are trying to build a structure, say a house.

Everytime you think you are done, making the first floor and want to do something more, a second floor, something better, everytime you long for, a better house perhaps, something goes wrong in the first floor.

Then you are forced to focus all your efforts on the first floor again. Repair, incur costs,spend a lot of time to get things in order again. 
Then when you try to get back to building the second floor, the same vicious cycle starts again.

Sometimes that’s how things are in life.
Everytime you want something more, and you try to go for it, you’re forced to deal with problems in your everyday life first, ultimately feeling stuck in the same place. Scared to hope. Scared to move ahead, for the fear of being dragged down again.

I wonder is it because when change is set in motion, there’s about to be discomfort.  If you stay in your comfort zone, scared to take on new challenges, everything with be peachy. Stagnant though.  But when you try to move forward, you will face some inertia.


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