A tale with a twist

Once in a land that had was perfectly ordinary in all respects, lived a young girl, doe eyed and innocent at heart like all children of her age. Growing up listening to fairy tales, like every other girl of her age she dreamed of becoming a princess someday. However, as the years passed, she was constantly instructed by people on several fundamentals of being a princess. Talk in a soft tone of voice, stand erect, wear high heels, wear superfluous elegant dresses, associate with only a select few so on and so forth. She was dazed, because she thought the main duty as a princess should be to look after the well being of everyone, to protect and lead.  However, later on she was informed that’s the job of a prince or a king.Finally, she grew sick of these ‘guidelines’ and decided to give up on being a princess.

Thankfully for her, she found a new dream. Not a dream, as much as a way of life. She decided she was done with trying to do good for the masses. Thus, she chose to live a common life as a common hardworking, honest girl. Going about her business. However, the society as we know it still just couldn’t leave her alone. There were rules to be followed in this regard too. For instance, she was frowned upon when she stayed out late working after it was dark, they said it wasn’t ‘safe’. They gave her ‘different’ work, more ‘suited’ to her capacity as a girl, they said. They wanted her opinion, but only for the sake of it.

Weary of all these restraints and feeling utterly disfavored she decided to abandon all civility and cross over to the dark side, become an evil witch. It wasn’t too hard. Women before her had done it too. She had to just find them, and she did. She found being dark, oddly liberating as no one dared to speak to her, or dictate the terms of her life. However, sadly for the poor little girl, it wasn’t the end of her ordeal. The people still had something to say, now more than ever. They called her horrible names and banished her from society ( even though she never really did anything ‘evil’, except perhaps living in the dark forest and practicing magic). As much as she tried to ignore the jabs, she was fed up.

One day, she woke up and decided she was done living a life where she had no freedom whatsoever.  She performed one last spell as a witch, a complex and painful one and transformed herself into a young lad.

Thereafter, she did whatever she wanted, went wherever she pleased, spoke however she wanted to and lived happily ever after without any interference from the people who had tormented her with their rules all these years.


The end.





Copyright (c) Sneha P


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