When even the trees look like they form a heart

Don’t search for your name in my heart.
It’s been broken too many times at your hands, it can’t hold it anymore.
But If you look closely,  you might find your name in the song on my lips.
Don’t search for your mention in my words.
I dont utter it anymore, for I fear my sanity.
But you read closely, you will be able to find your name buried  in the verses of my poetry.
You wouldn’t hear confessions of love from my lips, I lack the courage to break myself again.
But if you see closely,  you will be able to find it in the way I look at you.
Like the sun that has the capacity to brighten up my day or burn my heart if it wants to.
Don’t search for your photograph in my possession, I can’t look at those cold eyes anymore.
But if you could watch my dreams, you’d see your face every night.

Copyright ( c ) [ Sneha P ] Rights reserved.


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