Final door

Bruises and cuts,
will get healed
in sometime.
But what’s the fix
when your mind isn’t fine?
When there’s something
inside you that breaks.
Lost forever, 
never to be found.
What’s the cure
for an invisible wound?
When you just can’t
pick yourself up,
when you are beyond
the point of giving up.
Your biggest fear,
Is the voice in your mind,
It sings of your failures and troubles, 
The past you hide behind.
When you want to run away,
But where you live, 
There is no day.
Just eternal night,
Enjoying your unending fight.
How do you win
Against yourself?
Your nightmare you can’t reveal,
No one can understand,
How you really feel.
Shake it off they say,
It’s just a phase.
But it’s not and you know it,
It’s a deathly maze.
What’s the treatment,
when all you feel is disappointment?
The world is insane, 
searching for happiness,
searching in vain.
The timid flame,
can’t hold anymore,
All that remains,
is the forbidden final door.

Copyright ( c ) [ Sneha P ] Rights reserved.


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