Crowded streets, thousands of faces,
Finally when I spot her, my heart races.

She is a bewitching sight,
Like a full moon, she shines through the night.

I chase her like a hypnotised man,
Trying to make her love me, however I can.

She is aware of my devotion, 
Why doesn’t she show any emotion?

I ask her to love me,
Again and again,
She cries that my love is her bane.

She tries to push me away,
But my resolve won’t sway.

I grab her arms and implore to her stay,
She slips and runs away,
much to my dismay.

Why is she always so scared?
I won’t allow anyone to touch her,
If they dared.

I craved her name in trees,
Got a tattoo of her name,
Her love sets my heart on flame.
I can’t control my actions,
My emotions my attraction.

Today she got away,
Some day she won’t.
My eyes are always watching her,
Wherever she goes.
Even when she doesn’t know.
I will be hers and she will be mine,
Then the world will once again be fine.

I know she’s just shy,
I wonder why?
Keeping her feelings hidden in a locker.
Till she accepts me,
I’ll always be her stalker.


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