The mystical realm of the Unknown

It’s amazing how at times even the smallest of things, the most random comments can end up teaching you something in a jiffy.

For instance, earlier today I was watching a movie ‘ The Chronicles of Narnia ‘


I have a habit of asking “What if this were to happen to us?” whenever watching a movie or reading a book.
So I ended up asking a friend ” What would you do if you were to stumble across a place hidden behind a wardrobe. A place full of magical things and people. A fantasy land. Would you courageously march forward and enter this world or would you control your curiousity and turn away, for the fear of facing whatever horror that could lie inside. For you know what they say, only the known is safe. ”

If I was given this choice I would’ve taken a while to make a list of pros and cons before coming to an answer (Yeah, I know it’s just a silly what If question, but hey you never know)

However much to my dismay, my friend answered unhesitatingly, that they would get away from the wardrobe/ the entrance to this magical world and probably get rid of it. Just to be safe, you know. That was it, end of discussion.

Later, however, I found myself wondering how often do we end up doing this – avoiding new opportunities, straying away from risks, from uncertainty, fearing the unknown and sticking to the normal, the ordinary, the known. More importantly,  how often do we end up missing on great opportunities, once in a lifetime chances, new experiences, the chance of meeting interesting people and exposing our mind to new experiences?


I am not saying that taking the job offer that you turned down would’ve been life changing or buying that new car would’ve  blown your mind away.
What I mean is, at times its okay to embrace ones curiosity, to venture into the unknown, to embrace change.

You never know what might lie on the other side of the door. The mystical realm of the unknown is a strange place, some regret not going, others regret venturing into it. 

I suppose all there is to it to question whether ten years down the line what would regret the most, doing something that turned out to be wrong or not doing something that could’ve been right? 


One day while wandering around,
Upon my ears, fell a curious sound.

I walked towards it to find a dusty door,
It had a crumbly sign

Dazed, I wondered what to do next,
What would be my actions, what would be their effect?

If I go any further, I might face the unknown, 
A kingdom of gold, or horrifying sights, I might be shown.

Abashed and anxious to avoid any trouble,
I turned away and crawled into my tiny known bubble.

It was forever ago, but I still wonder,
What would have happened had I gone yonder?

Copyright  (c) 2015 Sneha P [ Rights Reserved ]


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