Midnight Observations


Parched throat. Tired body. Twisting and turning. Sleep continues to elude him. Again.

Slowly he drags himself  out of bed to the kitchen for a glass of water. Perks of staying alone? No need to master cat like movement to avoid disturbing anyone.

Randomly looking out the kitchen window, he sees a body. A body being dragged around by someone in the neighbours house.

He wants to turn away, to close his eyes to this living nightmare.
Just then two crazed eyes, tangled hair with a smile that sent a shiver down his smile stare back at him, as his neighbour holds up one bloody finger over his lips curved with a crooked smile and continues to drag the body.

Next day he finds a note on his doorstep with a card.
The card read –
       “Jenson’s Closet and Blinds”

The note on a white paper written in impeccable handwriting said

“Don’t look out your window at night.
You might not like what you find.”

Copyright  (c ) [ Sneha P ] Rights reserved. 2015


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