Sometimes you feel like you are caught in an infinite loop with no escape.
The more you try to get away from the madness, this more it sucks you in.

Everytime you think you’ve taken two steps forward, you are dragged behind by four steps.
Every time you think you are in control, situations and people  prove that you aren’t. 

Everytime you want to break free of the strings, show them you aren’t their puppet, they pull the strings tighter, show you who’s the master.


A puppet controlled by life

Who are “they”? Your personal demon. To create your own special hell.
Designed to make you feel helpless. Like a mannequin being carried wherever the master wants.
Like a pathetic creature that shall be crushed everytime it raises it’s head.

Who are “they”? Anyone who makes you feel the above mentioned things.
A person, a situation, a job, an accident perhaps.

They crush your dreams, hopes and make you feel like there is no light. 
But there is. You have to find it. Within yourself.
You are all you have.


The chaos shouldn’t hinder your unfaltering spirit. The chaos cannot mess with your mind. The chaos cannot win. It may win the battle, but it cannot win the war.  Not if you don’t let it affect you.

Copyright ( c ) [ Sneha P ] Rights reserved. 2015

Source of images –
Pinterest. Com


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