Something that never happens

Life is a long series of expectations of something that never happens.

For instance,wanting love. Just a little. Every now and then. Unconditional love.
Not the kind of love that makes you feel indebted about somethung or insecure about how one day it might not exist anymore. How one wrong move from your side can take that love away.

Not the kind where you stay with someone only because you have no other option, or because you just required to. Or because you are stuck.
But the kind that is your strength. The kind that is your support to lean on in the storm.
The kind that is enough to pull you through in dark times. Your light.

But the worst of all is when you know you’ve found such love, but it exists only in your mind. You can never gather the courage to pursue it,because you are too scared to wake up for fear that the dream might break and you’ll be sucked into a reality that has no place for you. From which there’s no escape.

What do you do when you know you are broken, but that love makes you feel normal, feel whole, feel like you have you have finally found your place.
However, why would anyone love a broken person?  What If going after it would only drive them away and you can’t risk it.

Your last breath of oxygen, your last shred of hope, you can’t risk that for the hope for a better tomorrow.



Such are expectations. Having them gives you that little something to hang on to, but at the same time breaks you when they don’t come true, which they often don’t.  Because even if/ when you do, you’ll always want more. 

Copyright ( c ) [ Sneha P ] Rights reserved. 2015


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