He is like a sunny day to her. The kind of day that makes your heart glow with happiness.

Like the time of the day when the sun hasn’t yet set completely and the sky is all shades of pink, orange and blue. Mesmerizing, captivating, enchanting. The kind of moment you want to freeze forever.

He is her only hope of sanity in this mad mad world.
Her strongest support in a stormy sea. Not her sole support, but the right  kind of support she needs.
He is the match that can light a fire in her, a fire of ambition, of becoming a better person, of becoming everything she could be, everything she is afraid to be.

In a world of chaos, he is the only thing that makes sense.

When the darkness  begins to consume her, the thought of him is enough to keep her going.

He is like a dream, an enigma. He is surreal. He is everything she can never describe.
The more she tries to comprehend his protean nature, the more perplexed she is left.

He is like a nomad. Only he knows where he is going, touching people’s lives, changing them forever unknowingly.
She can never understand what he is made of.
She can never understand how did she ever manage to find him?
She knows he is the part of her that has been missing all this while.
But will she be lucky enough to become complete in this lifetime?  Can the stars shine in her favor and lead him home to her? She doesn’t know. It’s too good to be true,he is too good to be true.
His spark, his magnificence is too bright to belong to one person.

Is it unfair to ask for something so wonderful to belong to one person? Is it greedy to ask for more?

She doesn’t want to know what will happen.

The vehemence of her own emotions terrifies her.
All she knows is a universe without him doesn’t make sense to her anymore.


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