Something you wanted

Sometimes just a little event, just one moment, just one statement, just that one incident is enough to jerk open your eyes.
To see things how they really are.
Often we hang on to the past, people from our past, just because they are familiar. Sometimes we close our eyes to what’s really going on around us, because we are too scared to face the truth.
That is why when we do face the reality, it hurts more than it shouldve.

At times just a little thing is enough to make you see, people aren’t who you thought they are.
They left a long time ago. When you weren’t even looking.
People who you thought ,will always be there. 
Turns out it’s you who has been ignorant all this while.
Sometimes you are ready to give people everything you’ve got, only to realize they never wanted it in the first place.

Sometimes the people you want to see the world with, wouldn’t take two steps towards you.
But still you are too scared to let go.
Where will that leave you?
Scared, alone and broken. Hoping and wishing for someone to come around who probably never really wanted to be around.

Sometimes you want people to be something for you, which they never will.

What do you do when you finally realize the truth? What do you do when you don’t know how to be with that person anymore? What If that one moment, one sentence changed everything? What If you don’t see them the same way anymore.
What if you don’t know what the two of you are anymore.

Things can never be the same after that one little thing that opens your eyes.
All there is to it, is to accept it and let it go.


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