Finding Your Self

In those moments when the voice of the universe and its chaos doesn’t  drown you anymore.  When you can finally shut it off, even if for just a small amount of  time.
Maybe all you need is one little thought, a little solace, to find yourself.
Your true self.
Not the one you pretend to be. Not the self, you think you are when you are feeling down. 
Not the you, you feel you are when you in an pompous mood.
Not the you, people make you out to be.
Not the you, you pretend to be when you want people to like you.
The real you. That feels a little too much, or maybe not at all. And that’s okay. That’s how you were wired.
The you that secretly believes in love, the you that needs a little comforting even when you don’t show it.
The you that is not defined by your career, status or friends.
The you that cries when watching an emotional movie alone.
The you that laughs a little too much at the silliest jokes without any reservations.
The you that cares a little too much. Or maybe wants people to see them, really See them just once.

When you find yourself, you are Complete.  No one else can complete you until you embrace your true self. Your real self.
That is when the fog is lifted in that moment of clarity.  In that moment you can see your true self. All of it. 
The outer chaos doesn’t matter then.


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