Not as you expected

Time goes by so fast. In the blink of an everything changes. 
All the things we wished to do some day later in the future , all the plans we made for when we’ll have a holiday, when we’ll go go to college or when we’ll meet that special someone, or get that big job. How many of these wishes materialise? How many of them are forgotten over time.
How many we fail to pursue.  How many of them we let go off.  How many of  them do we find silly now?
How many of them we procrastinated further?

Years ago remember when you looked at that picture of a beautiful beach? You decided to go there someday when you get the time, but never did. Never got the time/money/company.

Remember that dress you didn’t buy a year back because you were saving up, well maybe it won’t fit you anymore.
(Not trying to be vain here, or trying to promote impulsive behaviour. Trust me, I am the last one to act on my impulses)

Remember that book you thought you’ll read before you are 20, but never got around to doing it.
Well trivial as it seems, maybe you are not 20 now. That time is forever lost. Maybe you won’t ever find the time to go to that beach now. Or try that dress.

Things don’t always turn out how you expect them to be. You expected your job will be super cool with awesome colleagues, maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t.  It’s a drag with a ton of  office politics.
Maybe you didn’t publish that novel you always wanted to.
What do you do? Life doesn’t always turn out to be how you imagined it.
Who’s fault is that? One can never say.

But all I know is –


I honestly believe in this.

Also, I know that repenting about all those wasted opportunities and dreams that you let go off or that never happened, is only robbing you of whatever you could be doing right now to prevent yourself from making similar mistakes.

Maybe now you can actually pursue whatever it is you want to, so that 5 years later you won’t have similar regrets. 


6 thoughts on “Not as you expected

  1. tomrains says:

    It’s funny, even talking to the most successful people in the world at the tops of their fields, you learn they feel like they haven’t done enough. I’ve begun to accept that that’s part of the human condition. I still want that sunny beach though … oh boy do I! And still, many of our dreams are attainable. I certainly have found myself ending up better than I thought I would, but life is also different than I thought it would be.

    Good words. Following now.

    Liked by 1 person

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