The Cookie Angel

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Walking like a girl with purpose, in my Black blazer, suit pants and a cream corporate blouse, high heels, hair flowing behind me like in those movies, careful not to trip and fall and make a fool of myself on the busy streets, I feign a look of confidence and composure. Mostly to blend in with the young crowd that populates the streets of the corporate hub of the city. All of them seem so sharp, or more precisely like a predator, their eyes set on only own goal, climbing the corporate ladder in this cut throat competition, no matter what the cost.  Each of them has their own territory, the tall, lifeless, cold buildings where they work.


My office, a glass building of 27 floors with a big bold sign that reads “Crystal”, is one of the most intimidating buildings in the area, and so are the people that work in it.

The primary residents of this building can be divided into types of people broadly – The sharks and the Soft ones. I say residents, because everyone spends about 12-15 hours a day in the building, some even more. Anyways, as the name suggests, the sharks are the ones who have their eyes on their goals and would shed any amount of blood (figuratively) to get what they want. Whereas the soft ones, are the ones that work, but try to maintain friendly relations with everyone and wouldn’t eat you alive. They lack what it takes to make it big. I should know, for I am one of the sharks. I must have crumpled dozens of fragile hearts and weak souls to get where I am in the job. Lying, cheating, stealing other’s work – you name it. No, I am not guilty. I just have what it takes.

Ever since I threw this girl, miss goody two shoes out of the building, her friend the soft ones loathe me. They secretly call me – the evil witch. Ha. Like that would affect me in anyway.


So one can imagine my surprise when I found a dainty little white box with a very scrumptious looking chocolate chip cookie on my cluttered desk next to my computer. I looked around unsuccessfully to find its owner.  “Who could have known I like chocolate chip cookies? I don’t have any friends here.” Absent mindedly I gnaw at the cookie, too greedy to let go, I finish it and thank the mystery “Cookie angel” in my mind and get back to the increasing pile of work I have pending.

Curiously, this continues for the next two months, at first I was suspicious, then I decided to quietly enjoy these treatscookiesand not let my overthinking deprive me of free cookies. I convinced myself that it must be some poor loser wanting to get noticed and get in my good books but lacks the courage to come up to me.

Free cookie and a fan? Lucky me. I could use some little treats after all, all the stress is finally getting to me I feel. I have been having nausea, muscle pain, headache and many other annoying symptoms.

I decide to visit the doctor the following evening. This time I am surprised that instead of the cookie there is a black ugly watch and a note on a clean white expensive stationery on my desk with the following words typed on it –

“Time up Evil witch.You days are numbered. No matter what are the consequences of my action, I have freed everyone from your menace. You can longer crush anyone’s dreams. Karma was watching. So was I”

Oddly, the words began to float on the page, my legs turn to jelly and I feel my mind slipping into a dark abyss.

Doctors say it’s a case of slow poisoning. I might not make it.

Copyright (c) 2015 [Sneha P ] Rights Reserved


2 thoughts on “The Cookie Angel

  1. FCM says:

    This was fun to read. I’ve been stuck on learning about these types of people because I’ve recently had a few run-ins, which left me reeling, narcissists, psychopaths, and delusional self absorbed almost to the point where I think I’m one. Good story.


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