In the end all that matters is how much did you really use that heart of yours.

How much did you let the love and kindness flow. How much did you sing and laugh to your hearts content? How much did you express?
Or did you keep your deepest desires, Dreams and emotions all locked up for fear of being hurt?
But only those get hurt who dare to feel. Who dares to take a chance. For in the end only the chances you didn’t take haunt your nights.

Break open the barricades that guard your heart and let the emotions flow.


Let the emotions flow

For the emotions make you feel.
Feel Pain, happiness, sorrow, grief, love, longing.. whatever it is.
But they stir something up inside you.
A storm, a deluge or a volcano, a fire that burns  passionately with all the might.

And to feel from the deep abyss of your heart, from the depth of your soul, from the very fibre of your being that’s the real thing.
To feel so deeply it that awakens you from this slumber, this indifference.

And Hold on to these things, these people that make you feel so deeply.

For if you don’t feel, how do you know you are alive?

Copyright ( c ) Sneha P [ Rights Reserved ]


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