The brokenness of the heart is too much to mend,
Some wounds are too fresh to tend.

Some people leave deep scars on the soul,
Leaving you incomplete, never to be whole.

Some people meant more than the others,
Some memories continue to smother.

All the words you said and you didn’t, 
All the feelings you revealed or kept hidden.

Like ghosts they continue to haunt,
All the mistakes of the past come back to taunt.

All the people you let go,
All the people who told you a no.
Love’s bitter sickness is like a knife to your heart,
Some for stories, you thought would never start.
Some for people, you thought will never part.

Even though you tried to run, run far away,
The cruel temptation of love,  does not easily sway.

It lures you in and exhausts your mind,
Peace and sleep, you just cannot find.
It can destroy your calm and can feel like death,
Leaving you desperately gasping for breath.

Crumpled hearts die silently,
After the torture and beating violently.

Oh what a horrible pain,
All the overthinking, all in vain.

Some hearts you broke, some broke yours,
Love can be uglier than a war.

Copyright ( c ) [ Sneha P ] Rights reserved.


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