Maybe when I didn’t speak

Maybe when I didn’t speak,
I wanted you to hear.
All of My deep unspoken fear. 

Maybe when I smiled,
I wanted you to know,
You brought out my inner child.
Where did that person go?

Maybe when I cried,
I wanted you to know,
I can’t free my heart, with you it’s truly tied.

Maybe when I look into your eyes,
I wish for you to look past my lies.
For the lies are my defensive walls,
Behind which my true feelings call.

Maybe when I hold you hand,
I want to know where do we really stand?

Maybe when I pull away a little
Whenever we touch,
I want you to know, It means so much.

Maybe when I always come back to you,
I want to know, will you do the same for me too?

Maybe when I forgive whatever you do,
I want to genuinely know, if your words are really true.

Maybe I try to act very strong,
If you believe the act, You are truly wrong.
For Maybe I don’t Say it out loud,
I want you to pierce the fake clouds.
Listen to all the words I cannot say,
All the feelings I try to keep at bay.

Copyright ( c ) [ Sneha P ] Rights reserved 2015


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