Until I met you

I used to be a dreamer,
Until I met you.
I used to hope, dream and believe,
Until you changed my point of view.

I hoped for a blissful tomorrow
Until you taught me, the world is only made of sorrow.

I believed in goodness of the heart, 
Until You taught me, people are just playing a part.

I believed in acts of kindness,
Until you taught me it’s just my blindness.

At first I refused to believe it,
When you told me people aren’t worth it.

But when my humanity was put to test,
I couldn’t find any emotion in my chest,
Like they say, one rotten apple spoils the rest.

Slowly I lost the vision,
Trapped hopelessly in reality’s prison.
The world is now black and white,
Wherever I search, I fail to see a light. 

I can see the faces without their masks, 
But trusting someone is now quite a task.

I can see the world as it is now,
The magic of the world no longer makes me go – wow.

I used to have a heart of gold,
Now even my spirit feels old.
My heart is now of steel,
I struggle everyday just to feel.
I used to believe in love and it’s glory
Until you taught me it’s just a children’s story.

I miss the dreaming, for it gave me wings,
Now I twist and turn to cut off your strings.

When I met you,
I thought you will be my beam,
Ironically you took away my love and my dreams.

Copyright ( c ) [ Sneha P ] 2015. Rights reserved.


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