Hidden away in the deep corners of my abode,
Lay a curious little box, peculiar and old.

Everyday when I peeked inside,
I prepared myself for a joyful ride.
For everyday the box presented me with little things,
That lit my heart up and gave my joy new wings.

a box

I opened it everyday with nothing in mind,
Everyday I was happy, with whatever I would find.
I didn’t know what I would get, nor did I ever expect,
Thus, whatever I found, was just perfect.

Each box has its own tale of doom,
Mine began, when my greed began to bloom.

Anticipating what would await me the very next day,
I failed to keep my expectations at bay.
The hunger for more, went on increasing,
The lust for more was never ceasing.
The more I got, the more I wanted,
Day and night my desires kept my mind haunted.

Nothing I got ,made me happy anymore,
For I always wanted more to be in store.
Little things didn’t bring any me bliss,
The feeling of contentment , I began to miss.

Soon I was all desire, hope and greed.
An organism of silly, pointless need.
Chasing the infinite,
I lost the true light.
The box doesn’t impress me anymore,
Whatever I get, I always want more.
Strange, because I was perfectly happy before.

Copyright (c) Sneha P [Rights Reserved 2015]

Image source – pinterest.com


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