Reality vs Fiction

Silent musings of the heart,

Slowly yet fiercely tear me apart.

At times, our vision/perception is clouded by the mist of ignorance, of wishful thinking or maybe just carefully planned deception.

How often have we hoped to get along with someone, just to make things easier. How often have we hoped for some one we had a crush on, to be exactly like our dream partner. We at times see only what we would like to see.

However, at times, the closer you look, the more you get to really know someone, they aren’t what we expected them to be. It’s only normal. A little disappointing at times, but normal.

For instance, think of that one time you thought someone is a very levelheaded person until you realized slowly that they snap at the smallest things. That one time you realized your high school BFF, isn’t really going to be with you forever. The one time you thought someone was a mean person until you saw them make that one act of kindness.

At times all it takes is that one moment of truth, one statement of honesty, one moment of clarity to break the illusion. It can hurt, sure, but it only drives us closer to reality.

The question is, which is better? A harsh reality or a sweet fiction?

To let the truth of things/people, a truth which at times is just your mind being pessimistic and assuming the worst, crush you this very instant, or to live in the utopian world  of your mind where it’s spring everyday and everyone is a saint?

Which is better to brace yourself for the worst so that when it actually happens you can be prepared or to live in ignorance in the hopes that one day, your perfect  dream world will turn into the blissful tomorrow you imagine it to be today?

Which is better? To let your heart dwell on the possibilities or let the rational mind flush out any naive notions.

There is no one answer. For when you dwell on only the difficulties, the bad part, the reality and expect the worst – it’s a case of self fulfilling prophecy.

Thoughts become things after all.

But when you live in the castle of your dreams,veiled by ignorance, you fragile heart will not be able to bear the pressure when reality comes crashing down.

In my opinion, the best way is to embrace our fears, concerns and analyze rationally but to remember to still believe. Belief in magic, love, kindness, miracles and hope.

For a realist can never enjoy the thrill of hoping, hoping for that one tiny miracle, against all odds without the light of belief. Neither can the torch of pragmatism be enjoyed with the blindfold of ignorance on.

Come my darling to the garden of love, 

look at skies of bliss above.

Fret not my dear, 

Not as long as I am near.

Let me hold your hand and show you the magic,

The world isn’t how you see it, only all things tragic.

Let me show the secret wisdom of hope and dreams,

You can tell me about the world and its schemes.

Together we will be complete,

With your realism so strong and my fiction so sweet.

Writers Note – Any and all feedback, Thoughts, opinion and criticism is Always welcome ☺

Copyright (c) Sneha P [Rights Reserved] 2015


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