Madness, Magic, Magnificence

The world is strange,in all its madness, magic and magnificence.

I say madness because what else do we call this constant chase for things that won’t even matter someday? This rut that we are stuck in. Sacrificing present happiness in a search for some non existent future joy, which might never come to be.

This delusion that this one job, this one car, this big lottery, this one person  – is the key to our happiness. Once we get this “key”, we will finally be happy. Sure, until the next best thing comes along and then the next. The perpetual pursuit of pleasure  as I like to call it.  There will always be something better that we feel will make us happy. 

But we forget that happiness is not an object, its a state of being.



Magic? Of course it’s magic. I know some people might have a hard time to accept the whole fate, kismet, destiny, serendipity theory, which I understand. But I think I have in my opinion seen and experienced these little things that make me believe in the so called secret power/magic of the universe. Hearing stories from people about how a random thing that happened one day lead them to some pretty amazing things in life. How not getting that part in the play (it felt like the end of the world) only pushed them to become a better actor. How that one missed bus ultimately somehow made you meet your present girlfriend.

Doesn’t mean you are bound to find your soul mate on the next metro ride though. Just saying.

But still, a look at some of the stories of how small things, an accidental meeting with someone, a random act of kindness, a small unfortunate event led to something better that we could not foresee in that past moment. Similar stories in the Humans of New York page, get you thinking.

(Just check it out –



There is a small part in the Men in Black 3 movie which talks about miracles. The scene goes like this, the alien Griffin, who has the ability  to foresee the infinite potential outcomes that are dependent on the actions taken in any given scenario is talking about a game-

Griffin’s favorite moment in time, he explains, is when an incredibly improbable string of events brings a World Series victory to the ’69 Mets: A woman in a baseball factory has an affair, which means she’s not overseeing an imperfect horsehide that is made into a ball that floats a few microns too high, causing a player to pop up a fly that is caught for the final out by a player who only became a baseball player because his father couldn’t find a football for a childhood Christmas gift, and so on and so on.


Small things that lead up to a  bigger event – I like to believe it is in fact the Universe and its magic.

Magnificence. Why, yes. There’s beauty in the chaos all around us. Like a mesmerizing rhythm. The number of things that are happening around you in this world right now, all oblivious to each other yet somehow working together. In Your mind YOU are the most important person right now, in a way, everything is about you. No I don’t mean people are overly self-centered. What I mean is, the world, its people, the millions of lives, millions of stories, all co-existing together, each engrossed in their own piece of the world, each believing it’s all about them.

In madness, I thought I was the most important person in the world.

I find it magnificent how everything balances each other out.For every hurtful words uttered, there is the healing magic of kindness. For every heart broken, there is unconditional love somewhere. For every tear drop, there is an angelic smile on someone’s lips. Life ends, people die, things get destroyed, consumed, broken, shattered – for some it feels like the world has come to an end, while at the same time someone out there is experiencing the tiny dimpled smile of their first child, the glow in their heart due to their first love, the pride they feel on receiving their first pay check.

life goes on

Regardless of what is going on in the life of the person who stays next to us, our life goes on and the world continues to exist, still the same, in all its bizarreness and beauty.

Copyright (c) Sneha P [Rights Reserved]

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