Chasing love

Pale skin, slender frame, silky blonde hair – Petunia might have been an object of envy among other young girls of her age, had she not been so – as the other fifteen year olds would put it – weird.

Born and raised in a quaint little house in the country side with two elder sisters and almost always exhausted parents, she  had felt out of place right from when she gained her senses.

Forcibly subjected to solitude by the verdict  of the neighborhood kids,often reprimanded by her parents for an overactive imagination, and mocked by her sisters for acting creepy, Petunia always found solace in the warm kisses of sunlight shining bright on the jade green blades of grass on which she could lie down and stare at the ceaseless skies and the  books who kept her company right from the start.

Grass field

She welcomed the isolation with open arms for that way she had no one to question her sudden outburst of tears. Her mood swings. Her monologues. Or why did the deafening shrill voices bother only her? She never had an answer. Or maybe she did, no one really knew. They didn’t understand. They only feared.

So it was a pleasant surprise to everyone when she began to speak of a boy she met in the meadows one day while she was writing poetry by herself. The blush on her face, the sparkle in her eyes, the dance in her step and the giggle on her mouth were all symptomatic of the ailment of love.


On hearing all about this mystery boy – Daniel,who had taken a sudden liking to the black sheep of the family, her parents and her sisters were first incredulous then mocking and finally curious to meet him.

Petunia had spun his character from words of gold. She built him up to be the only one who understood her fears, the only who wiped away her tears. The one who spent endless hours listening to her talk, about her deepest emotions, desires and inhibitions. He did not judge. He did not ridicule. He just loved, unconditionally. He embraced her demons as his own.

He gave her his acceptance, that’s all she ever wanted, all she ever prayed for, secretly to the moon.

Consequently, she was befuddled when her family tried to tell her that there was no Daniel. Jealous fools – she thought to herself. He was just too special to meet regular, unbelieving, boring people like them.

To top it off, they had now kept her locked in her room, which only opened for food and water. She knew they hated her for having found love. She had to escape. She had to be with Daniel.

And so she did. She escaped cunningly, Running into the darkness lit by a full moon. She searched high and low – when she saw him on the bridge – his blonde hair shining against his pale skin in the moonlight.


Overcome with joy she ran into his arms and cried her heart out. His face, a little blurry – his eyes shining – though what color were they? She could never guess.

He smiled sweetly and told her the sole path to their liberation. His voice a soft whisper.

They jumped into the enraged river that hungrily swallowed her. She was heartbroken in the final moments for she couldn’t see Daniel anywhere. Was he ever there? – she mused with her last breath.

They fished out only one pale, gangly body after a few days.

PS- Criticism is welcome 😀

Copyright (c) 2015 [Sneha P] Rights Reserved

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