Giving up on You

Decisions Decisions,
So very hard to make,
Especially when there is so much at stake.

After many a sleepless nights,
Followed by countless of our silent fights,
Watching my tears glisten on my hands like dew,
I’ve decided to give up on you.

Our memories, our story,
Our wounds and Our glory,
Now are nothing but shadows of the past,
All that made us special is now forever lost.
Its time I write a story anew,
I’ve decided to give up on you.

Each of the times when you promised to stand by,
Were nothing but a bunch of carefully crafted, cunning lies.
For lying is in your nature,
Manipulation is your best feature.
All the care and camaraderie could never thaw your frozen heart,
Lately I’ve realized, I need a fresh start.

To remove the poison and find my liberation, I need some time away from you.
I’ve decided to give up on you.

Here’s to the bond we maybe never shared, 
Here’s to the times I assumed you cared.

To all the times I defended you from all,
To all the times you let me take the fall.

Now you have crossed over to the dark side,
Now your true nature can no longer hide.

I still want to go back in time,
Make you stay while you were still mine.

Apparently  friendships are an elaborate  illusion,
To keep our hearts warm, a charming delusion. 

In my heart I know, I Deserve better too,
Finally I’ve decided to give up on you.

Copyright (c) [ Sneha P ] Rights reserved.


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