Love in flames

As I hold the pristine ball of light at the tip of the matchstick, burning passionately, purposefully, I feel powerful, in control – finally.

The unyielding dancing flame is mesmerizing. Emerging from the black tip, engulfed  by a bluish purple aura, amplifying into a flawless white and then a yellow brightness giving out a soft glow that cuts through the cruel darkness – just like you did, in my life. Once upon a time. When you weren’t what you’ve become.



When you were just as pure, just as radiant. Until you walked into the shadows and became the darkness that haunts my days and shatters my soul.

I see your eyes dark as coal. Once they sparkled, not anymore. Fret not, I shall set them ablaze once more. Tonight.

As I walk towards your unflinching face, I feel a rush of adrenaline in my veins. Being with you once had the same effect, not anymore. Now my hurts burns and there’s a hole in my chest every time I look at you. What have you become? Do you not remember?

Looking at your face a melange of emotions run through my mind. Admiration for those eyes that once held mine so intently, fond memories of the times you whispered sweet promises, only to metamorphose into bitter remembrance of the timed you crumpled my heart and sabotaged my trust finally to evolve to a consuming repugnance.

I watch with pleasure, a devilish grin on my face as I finally set you on fire in an attempt to set my heart free and gift my mind some peace.

I couldn’t be happier as I watch your photograph burn in my hands.

Copyright Ⓒ 2015 [Sneha P] Rights Reserved


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