At the crossroads

I stood at the crossroads,

With a heart full of hope and a head full of doubts,

Before my eyes were two unconnected routes.

Befuddled I stood weighing my choices,

Sadly, my head was full of clashing voices.



I stood at the crossroads,

With a lot of vigor, my thoughts overflowed.

The reasoning mind echoed to take the road which was familiar,

Walking on which, I would still have the company of my Dear.

Though my heart will still long for more, and always cry in pain,

But at least in the end, our years of acquaintance will not then be in vain.

I will still long to know what it could have been,

I will still long to study the touch of your skin.

I stood at the crossroads,

My heart had a heavy load.

The dreamer whispered to try the risky one,

For it said what is life without a little adventure and fun?

Oh how sweet is this temptation to pursue,

The uncharted path that could lead me to you.

How unfathomable will be the joy of having you by my side,

How reliving would it be, to no longer have any desires to hide.

It could lead me to a path of you warm embrace,

Or subject me to pain that I cannot bear to face.

For I might lose you because of my wishful thinking,

Imagining that horror, my heart starts shrinking.

At this horns of dilemma, I know not what to do,

In one way or another, in the end I might lose you.

On both the ways, I have a lot at stake,

Both of the roads, can lead to heartbreak.

Which way do I go?

Do I think rationally or let my emotions flow?

Which path do I choose?

Do I pour my heart out or keep up the ruse?

I wish you would just drop me some cues!

Copyright Ⓒ 2015 Sneha P [Rights Reserved]

Note – this is inspired somewhat from Robert Frost’s poem The road not taken 🙂


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