The heavens opened

The heavens opened for a second,

They took him away,

So that’s how it ends.

Playing on the sand a moment ago,

Becoming the sand,

Going with the winds, wherever they flow.

The ground he walked on,

The people he met,

Slowly but surely, all of them will forget.

The lives the touched, the memories he made,

Some day in the future, all of them will fade.

Heavens opened

Heavens opened

No one will remember what his smile looked like,

How his touch felt, how he spoke and sang,

How his eyes crinkled and his nose wrinkled,

How he liked the sun, and despised the rains,

How bravely he endured every single pain.

How one never saw him crying,

I don’t remember much, even after trying.

How he loved each and all,

How proudly he stood tall.

It doesn’t matter now,

No one remembers.

When did it happen? June or was it December?

The heavens opened for a second,

And took him  inside,

the world stopped for a second, or maybe for longer.

It doesn’t even matter in my opinion,

For one day we all shall be sucked into the same oblivion.

Copyright 2015 (c) [Sneha P] Rights Reserved.


7 thoughts on “The heavens opened

  1. Jackie Jain says:

    No, not really about Re-incarnation. I mean that even before we took birth, we were dead. And after we die, we are dead anyway. So we are dead for millions of years. We live for very short period. That’s why it’s said “life is just in blink of an eye”. 🙂 🙂

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