When she asked for love

Once upon a time there was a land of love,

Ruled by a young princess, fair as a dove.

The doors of the kingdom were open for all,

Everyone who visited, had quite


A palace of Love

a ball.

For the princess was a sweetheart,

Her kindness, compassion and clemency set her apart.

She treated every visitor with respect, grace and care,

Her fairness and forgiveness, could be matched no where.

She wiped away all their tears,

No one stayed to listen to her fears.

For all of them, she did truly care,

If you ask me, they didn’t deserve it, it wasn’t even fair.

They came, they stayed, they had a good time,

When she asked for love in return,

They acted like she had committed a crime!

For they took it for granted, all her sacrifices, patience and concern,

When she asked for love, they left her to burn.

She collected the pieces, put them back together,

Careful to avoid, friends of fair weather.

She let them all go, slowly one by one,

While they cried in regret, over what they had done.

The palace of love is now closed for all,

She left them to freeze in the cold, come winter come fall.

The skies are no longer pink, the birds no longer sing,

For the cruel veiled monsters, cut off her wings.

Now they wonder what has made her heart frozen,

Just look into her eyes, this isn’t a path she would’ve chosen.

She thanks them for breaking the myth emotion and devotion,

She only ever asked for love, what a naive notion!

Copyright © 2015 [Sneha P]. All Rights Reserved.


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