Some times Villains aren’t born. They are created.
Created by a hypocritical society where people look down upon few others and their choices, pretending to be the most righteous of all, where as in reality each one is filled with their own vices.

Pretending to posses morality, virtue and honor,all those quality the society deems desirable, and looking down upon those that don’t fit in.

Funny how those who own up to their true beliefs, which might be socially disagreeable are held in contempt and the phony mask of probity is applauded.

However the harsh reality is, under the mask of Humanity,  people can be cruel. Cruel enough to corrupt an innocent soul. To crush naive hearts. To break cheerful dreams.
Turning once hopeful hearts that had the courage to dream and hope, into cold heartless souls.
Souls that are too hurt to hope, too lost to love, cut too deep to care.
Some times, the light in their heart is so entwined within the darkness of the world, that it forgets its true nature.
The irony is after breaking them, after forcing them to become what they are, we question their motivation and condemn their actions. How do we expect to reap the fruit of love from people who have never been nurtured with love?
Sometimes an evil of our making can become our darkest horror.


4 thoughts on “Villains

  1. jackiejain says:

    Yea. That’s true. No one is born bad. They become so depending upon the people they spend more time and also the judgemental society, who always try to find weakness rather than strength.


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