As the darkness falls,

He sees the emptiness of it all.

Of expectations, love and hope,

The pain in his heart, too much to cope.

Watching the birds fly in the sky,

He wonders to himself why?


No matter what he does or say,

People always leave, they always find a way.

With a shattered heart, spilled feelings, and wet eyes,

He remembers their faces, their memories, their lies.

With Wounds of betrayal cut wide open and a dagger to his heart,

When people slowly part.

Broken, scared and full of self doubt,

For love and only love, his eyes quietly shout.

For fear of further damage,

With whatever feelings he could savage,

He has locked them away in a strong iron vault,

If only he realized, its not his fault.

Now they call him cold and heartless,

Right after they reduced his emotions to naught, to nothingness.

Now they wonder why he keep his heart in confinement,

Only A few understand, the pain of abandonment.


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