Musings about life

In moments of peace, which are so few,
Every time I look into my mind, it’s filled with questions anew.

Musings over life, love and living,
Questions that keep getting complex, the more I keep looking.

The art of life, the science of decisions, the trade off of choices,
Making some sense of the multiple voices.

To live by the rules, or to feed the inner fire,
How to find your inner most desires?

Some break free the shackles,
Whatever obstacles come in the way, they are ready to tackle.
Some like to play it safe, stick to the rules and just ride it out,
Do you honestly feel that’s what life’s about?


To own the biggest mansion, to see the whole wide world,
To make a mark, Or more simply,
Take courageously whatever life has hurled.

Whatever be your dream, your passion your fight,
There is no way of knowing, if your path is wrong or right.

The little voice in your head, is always filled with doubt,
Wherever you go, it’ll always silently shout.

Choosing your path in life,
Chasing respect, love and money,
Only to crumble to dust in the end, I find it funny.

Always scared of making some mistakes,
Especially since there are no retakes.
The illusion of mortality clouds our vision,
Trapping us in the metaphorical prison.

A prison of delusion, of A prison of ignorance,
Of allowing trivial matters to become an indulgence.

One day when you see the bigger picture,
I hope it’s not too late.

Do I finally know the answers? I only wish I did.
For the time being, on my gushing thoughts, I try to put a lid.

For all one ever wants, is to die without regret,
That my dear, don’t you ever forget.


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