A land of Pain

Do not go there my dear,  you won’t like what you find.
Do not go there any further, there will be no way to rewind.

The fields of those lands that seem so lush and green,
Are full of thorns, traps and treachery,
You will realize only once you’ve been.

There’s a reason you were restricted,
Look now, how you have become addicted.

The path you were warned not to take,
You followed anyway, forgetting what’s at stake.

Do not further this error,
The pain of the heart is the biggest terror.

Step back and Save yourself the grief,
Moments of happiness on this path are only brief.

Even though at the end, there’s a hefty gain,
Do not bring upon your self, this torture and pain

Full of delusion, drama and deceit,
Where all the reason and judgement, take a back seat.

Save yourself the crying, the crushing and the self doubt,
Listen to your mind, hear it shout.

Ignore the sirens that sing oh so sweetly, amidst the sea of emotions,
Restrain yourself from drinking the potion.

Ignore their distractions, their charm, their voices,
Push down the storm of feelings that rises.

A lucky few manage to find their way,
Loves a dangerous temptation I say.

– Sneha
Rights reserved.


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