In that Moment

A moment can be your deliverance, a moment can be your doom.

A moment with you, could light up the room.

A moment was enough, to make me question,

A moment was enough to make a decision.

A moment that was simple, looking into your eyes,

I knew, masking the truth will no longer suffice.

In that moment, I realized how complete we could be.

How broken we are, I know you will agree.

In that moment, I could either hold on, hold on with all my will,

Maybe you would find a way to leave still.

In that moment I could choose to let you go,

But what could have been, I’ll always want to know.

In that moment I realized, its all or nothing.

The torture of not knowing it really does sting.

In that moment I realized, I was making it up

Or maybe I wasn’t, I can’t really say.

Even if I think of it, every single day.

In that moment I realized, no one will ever be enough.

Accepting this to myself was really tough.

In that moment I realized its not even your fault,

Even when you are gone, the world will never halt.

Love can be our doom, our destruction our end,

Inflicting wounds that we can never tend.

Love can make us complete, eternal and whole,

In that moment I realized, I cannot bare my heart and my soul.


10 thoughts on “In that Moment

  1. alexlovesdren says:

    I wish I knew when that moment was right because one of my best guy friends ( I cannot call him a boyfriend ) moved away and I only realized I liked him when he left and now we will never see each other again


  2. Brian_MG says:

    I wanna read this again,
    I wanna listen to someone reading it
    I wanna watch an animated clip about it
    I wanna listen to it sang
    Coz as I read it the first time something within awoke…
    Can’t say that I felt great, but I enjoyed the feeling
    I wanna read it again

    Liked by 1 person

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