The power of words

Words are like knives,

constantly cutting and damaging lives.

That hurtful jibe you just made,

from someone’s memories it will never fade.

The mark that you leave, the scars that you cause,

Breaking hearts without taking a pause.

Whatever you say and whatever you do,

Remember, others have feelings too.


Your jabs and your jokes,

your mocking and your gossip,

Harmless words in your opinion, letting your tongue slip.

Ripping apart someone’s feelings and emotions,

Is it fair to have such strong preconceived notions?

You don’t know their story,

their struggles, their pain.

Hurting them ruthlessly, there’s nothing you can gain.

Except a moment of “superiority” only in your eyes,

This temporary boost to your ego, will never suffice.


Words are like magic, hurting and healing,

creating and destroying,

Think twice, what weapons  are  you deploying?

Even when you are sucked into oblivion,

Your mighty body is nothing but dust,

Your words shall remain, haunting those you touched.

Bringing back fond memories, or feelings of hate,

You can change those future memories, its never too late.

Your words can be your memoirs, reflecting your character,

unknowingly, becoming someone’s savior.


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