Inside a Writer’s mind

A writer’s mind is a dark place to be in.

Imagine billions… okay I guess that’s an exaggeration, dozens of thoughts gushing and spouting in you mind. A beautiful mess. It’s YOUR mess.

At times its like a dark night, writer’s block as we know it. No matter how much you search, and wherever you look, all you draw is a blank.

Imagine looking for a door in a dark room, especially when you don’t even know where the door could be, which is the right one, or where they lead you, where your only hope is a sudden flutter of light, from which direction? You don’t know.Frustrating isn’t it?


That’s what it feels like.

Other times the mind if bursting with ideas, at the oddest of times. At 3 am in the night, In the shower, at a party, at a date! When you just can’t wait to get your hands on the nearest smart phone, tablet or writing material in case of us traditional writers.

Then comes the hardest part, of putting it into the right words.

Even though you may have a great idea, a great gut feeling about some thing – at times you just can’t articulate it. You feel it, but you don’t know how to make others see what you feel. How to make them see meaning in your mess.

To top it off, at times there’s a flutter of light, of an idea in that dark room only to slip away before you can act on it.

There are times when your friends and family might get annoyed at how you manage to turn personal incidents into stories in your pieces, or how you shut people off for some time when you are in “the zone” and need to write your thoughts ( It’s like a physical urge to just pen down the thoughts at times before they fade away) I honestly thank such people for accepting such quirky behavior at times.

a writers mind

But I honestly can’t complain. Being an aspiring writer, whatever ideas do come I accept them graciously and hungrily. Whatever be the frustration, the struggle to find the right words, the dilemma of choices, the constant contemplation – the end result, your final piece and the reactions it manages to elicit from your readers – a smile, a frown, curiosity, longing, tears, fear, empathy – it makes it worth it.


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