The two of them were broken, each in their own way. 
Each had a tendency, to drive people away.
No matter where they went, and whom they saw,
No one could elicit a love that was pure and raw.
They spoke of their troubles, of love and of people,
They couldn’t find the answer, though  it was quite simple.


They looked in the wrong places, turned the wrong stones,  waiting for love to randomly stop by.
Little did they know, it was looking them right in the eye.
The search to heal their hearts never found it’s end.
After all, their brokenness only the other could mend.
For Fear of rejection, they kept their hearts shut a lot,
Ironically in the end, heartbreak is all they got.


Naive and ignorant,they kept their desires hidden and sealed,
They spent their lives together but alone, with love that was never revealed. 


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