The lies we tell ourselves

In my personal experience, I feel, somehow we tend to block out those feelings, emotions, experiences and memories that make us feel bad. Psychology calls it – “Fading affect bias

This is probably one of the reasons (among a rather long list of memory biases) that tend to affect our judgement.

Which is probably the reason we constantly lie to ourselves. Unknowingly, except for those moments of clarity where we finally begin to see the truth.

It begins with smaller lies like – I will definitely start exercising soon (After reading a rather scary article about health disorders associated with a sedentary lifestyle). However soon never comes in most of our cases.

Another one – ” I am sure he/she is just going through a rough time, we’ll pull through it. This relationship can work.”

Slowly going on to bigger ones like – “I am happy in my job”. ” My anger there was justified.” “It wasn’t my fault” “Just one more” ” Just this once” ” Never again”.



My point here is not to question our decisions, but rather just like everyone else try and understand why do we lie to ourselves?

Is it to protect ourselves in that cocoon of lies we have built in our mind? To keep us in our comfort zone? To avoid facing whatever it is that is really going on?

Rose colored glasses. The lies we tell ourselves

I think its a defense mechanism. To prevent the shattering of the illusion. Some of us like to keep our rose colored glasses on.

For how long though?

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2 thoughts on “The lies we tell ourselves

  1. informationseeker2015 says:

    I believe there are people out there that can keep those rosy glasses on all their lives. For some it is too much to see themselves or someone else in their life as imperfect. It would shatter the lies and misconceptions they have told themselves and others. Just my thoughts…


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