Distant look, Eye shadow, dark glares hanging on her head, headphones in, brisk walk, head held high,black shorts coupled with a black jacket and a white tank top….. Sophia looked like a confident woman. Comfortable in her own skin.


She could blend right in with  busy crowd of the city. Nobody paused to give her a second look. Like everyone she seemed like someone with a purpose, a place to be, friends to meet or chores to get done.


Little did people know her demons haunted her every where she went. Given her calm exterior and nonchalant  look, It was impossible to say she was struggling with the raging storm of secrets, lies and Doubts in her mind.


After all she was running from something impossible to run from. Her past. From Herself.

But no matter where she went, all she could see was her little girl. With those blue eyes and rosy cheeks, she was perfection. A perfection that haunted her day and night.

Questioning her “Why did you Leave me Mommy?”. Sophia wanted to scream that no, she didn’t. She would never do that. But she had. She had been careless and ignorant and Now she’ll have to live with it everyday.

After all how do you run from something that you see every where, every day,in every face.


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