The Art Of Letting Go

All of us have been in that place where that one person or thing, felt too important to let go of.
Where everything in our universe was about that thing or person.
Where even after spending endless hours, days and months.. perhaps even years, everything felt stuck.
You felt like you were in a rut.
All the endless worrying, stressing out and obsession, bring nothing but hours of misery and happiness foregone.
All the little things, quarrels, tiffs and unpleasant experiences, that all of us obsess about before sleeping, are nothing but dead weight. None of them will matter after a day or two.
They keep you from mental peace. 


let it go 2


Similarly with some people  even after endless efforts on your part, sacrifices and patience, if it just doesn’t feel right on the inside, Let it go.
You deserve better.


let it go


Break those old shackles and let the spirit of positiveness flow, burning away old grudges, regrets and mistakes, make way for the fresh wind of change and a new tomorrow. 


17 thoughts on “The Art Of Letting Go

  1. alexlovesdren says:

    I kind of want to post my own poems and this one I think really helps me get through something. The reasoning don’t post my own poems is because to be quit honest I am terrified to. But at ties like this where I’m a scared little kid reading/writing poems really helps me many that is why we all write poems


      • awordseeker says:

        Do you know what they say? At times Grief, sorrow elicits the best writing from people. I read somewhere “I am my best at writing, when I am at worst.” So your poem could be dark, but yet beautifully touching..


      • alexlovesdren says:

        Iv chosen3 poems

        She sits all alone
        She watches all the kids
        Run and play
        Laugh and sing
        Totally ignoring her

        No one is her friend
        Yet she is not bullied
        She always does her best
        You’ll never see her cry
        But she’s going through more
        Than you’ll ever know..

        She sits all alone
        With her music
        People think she’s crazy

        She sees more
        Even though she’s blind
        And no one cares

        My next one is:

        You left
        Me here
        That might be

        You forgot
        Me here
        All I can
        Do is wait

        My final one is:

        Are you scared
        Little lamb?
        I know that I
        Left you alone

        Are you scared
        Little lamb?
        I know the
        Thunder like a drum
        And the lightning
        Like a fire scares you
        It’s strange it did me to

        Don’t be scared
        Little lamb
        Now I see
        The pain I caused
        On my little lamb

        I promise that I
        Will never leave you
        Never again will you
        Be alone
        I promise…


      • awordseeker says:

        I like all of them! They have a lot of potential. I somehow feel Poem 2, could use more, could be more. And the girl nobody sees is really good one.. Try writing a bit more to give it that Proper finish..☺ Just my opinion though


      • alexlovesdren says:

        The reason the poem ends like that is because I was separated from both my parent when I was 2 years old and now that I’m 11 I kind of feel like I’m waiting for them to come home


      • alexlovesdren says:

        I just want to say that when I first read the way thing are I was upset and couldn’t stop crying and so I had started to read poem and that one really cheered me up


      • awordseeker says:

        Firstly I am really sorry if my poetry upset you in any way.. that was never my intention. Secondly, I am glad you liked something enough to cheer you up 🙂


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