Wherever We Go

Wherever we go and whatever we see, at the end of the day its nothing but a reflection of who we are. Our perception. How we choose to see the world.

In a way it is like a painting, a piece of an art, a poem. The way we interpret it and what it means to us, depends on our thoughts and the way we perceive things.
Psychology of art, as we know it.

A businessman finds an opportunity in every  oppression,  a poet finds poetry in all pain , a saint manages to see the divine in every delinquent.

They say, all that we are arises with our thoughts.  Our thoughts in turn shape our perceptions , desires and our motivations. Which in turn shape our actions. Our actions in turn determine what we look for.
And as we know, what you seek, you will find.

One can enjoy the finest company, the most scrumptious meals and the best of entertainment and yet feel lost and uneasy and see it as a burden.

Whereas some manage to find solace even in the humble joys of daily life.  Its all a matter of who we are.


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