When the lights go off, and there’s a storm outside,
There is no where left for you to hide.
When the heart weakens, and the mind falters.
The Soul needs to find a shelter.
It’s easier to cross over to the dark side,
In the beginning it’s a smoother ride.
Subduing your demons, is quite a pain.
What is in it for you to gain?
Putting up a facade and pretending to be nice,
Sounds like a ruse that won’t suffice.
When the temptation calls and the darkness falls,
Shadows beckon and The villain rises
Bickering in your head of the voices,
Making it hard to overcome your vices.
Following your inner light, may seem too hard,
But in the end, it is your best card.
The path of light, doesn’t always seem bright
However in the end, your soul feels right.
You are your owlight over darknessn hero, savior and light,
Light will triumph over the darkness, after a mighty fight.


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