Nostalgia for Today

One summer, many years from now, when I’ll be sitting in a quiet room, enjoying the peace and quiet with a good book in hand, probably a cup of tea. Basking in the magnificent simplicity of nature, closing my eyes to feel the moment and to let it soak in, looking out the window in the dull but golden sunlight, about 1 hour before sunset, when the blue sky is dotted by the black strokes of Birds with their wings wide spread, flying back home and the Tall trees among the taller buildings, the whole scene picturesquely beautiful & yet making me melancholy and nostalgic for a time I wish I could go back to. This time. Today. The present.

A time where even though everything was perfect and probably I wouldn’t change anything I did back then, I’d still go back.

To see those people, be with them to feel young again. To relive being naive and Childishly gleeful to laugh a little too loud and & to cry a little too much for the smallest of things.
I think I shall miss this time and these people, even though they might be with me in the future, but maybe we would’ve all changed. For the better? I can’t comment. I might miss these moments of innocent joy and the person I became with these people.

I shall probably regret not taking the risks that seem too scary now. I shall probably laugh at the things that scare me the most today. I might probably look at myself today and be in awe.


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