The act that people put up, of being happy, confident and normal is quite a profound one.

Pretending to be a part of the crowd, yet wanting to stand out. Wanting their voices to be heard, yet concealing their innermost thought, for fear of being judged. Camouflage.They aren’t wrong in doing so.

Every time we come to know something about someone, we understand them a little more. However we also judge them a little more.


Subconsciously, but we do. We are wired that way though. We always compartmentalize information in your brains and file it away for future reference.

That is probably how we apply previous experiences and lessons to avoid past mistakes. That is also probably how I suppose we categorize people. One little trivial gossip comes along our way and we put a tag, a label, a brand on people. Not all of us at all times, but most of us, sometimes.

Is it fair though? Judging a book by its cover?

Nobody knows what process a diamond has undergone  to become what it is, we don’t know what people have faced. Their story, their pain, their lessons, their values, their circumstances. Who is to say you wouldn’t act in a certain way in the exact same situation?

People are like books. The more you come to know about them , the more you let them talk to you, the more you really listen, the more you hear…the more you understand them.

However, you still don’t know what they really are until the end. There are always plot twists 😉


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